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FEATURED BLOGGER: Living Your Best Life

Did you ever wonder… “I’m doing all the right things. Why do I feel as though something is missing?” We all know the right things to do – eat right; sleep well; exercise enough to break a sweat; practice stress relieving techniques. We’re diligent with our bodies. It’s equally important to be diligent with the mind. Sometimes, it’s just a change of thought patterns. We all have core beliefs that are triggered by circumstances. If we can be aware, in that moment, that our brains can be rewired to follow a different route, our reactions may be more to our liking. Just being aware is a really huge step in making things turn out differently.  Eckhart Tolle talks about the Pain Body and how we all have one. This refers to the accumulation of pain in one’s lifetime, either personally or societally amassed. He also talks about how the awareness that your Pain Body is taking over can disconnect the power it has over your Higher Self, separating the two and allowing you to look at the situation with objective eyes. This is a practice, just like working any muscle. Your brain will start to carve new grooves in its neural pathways and your new reactions will become habitual just as your old, less useful patterns had been. Dr. John B. Arden explains this very well in his book “Rewire Your Brain – Think Your Way to a Better Life”. It’s an inward, rather than outward journey and well worth the effort. As Lao Tzu stated, “Cultivate the inner self and the power becomes real”.

-Lynne Krewiak


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This entry was posted on November 8, 2012 by in Fun & Lifestyle, Personal Growth.


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