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FEATURED BLOGGER: 10 Ways to Connect to Your Spirit

Life is full of uncertainty complete with twists, turns and detours. Nothing is ever guaranteed.  However, the one thing you can always rely on is your intuition. God implanted this internal guidance system to help us on our journey so whenever we feel lost, we can find our way.

We all have an intuitive connection. This connection is like a radio antenna ready to pick up signals from our Higher Self and the Universe. In order to receive the information from Universe through our intuitive antenna, we need to understand how to keep our “channels” clear and receptive.

You are always tuned in to Spirit, you cannot be tuned out.  With free will however, you can decide not to use your intuition and ignore it all together.

I would highly recommend you do not do this!

Imagine your intuition as an internal GPS system that can guide you to the exact place you need to be. All you have to do is ask your intuitive guidance system, “What is the best way to go from where I am now to where I want to be?” and follow the directions as you are guided.

Meaning, you will receive intuitive gut feelings on what next step to take in life. Listen and steer yourself toward the direction of the guidance. Pretty soon you will arrive at your destination safe and sound. The more you listen and follow your intuitive guidance, the more life will flow easily for you.

Most people have been so disconnected from their intuition that they don’t know it is speaking to them or they don’t trust that is their intuition guiding them. The way to start opening and trusting this connection is to begin building a relationship with your intuition and your Spirit self. Like any new relationship, it takes time and patience to build a strong foundation.

Here are 10 ways to connect to your Intuition and begin building a strong relationship with your Spirit.

  1. Breathe deeply-a racing mind gets in the way of our intuition. To slow down your mind, take 2 or 3 deep breaths often, especially when you are stressed. When you relax down your mind, your body naturally follows. When your mind and body are relaxed you can ask your Spirit, “what do you want me to know right now?” you will be able to feel the guidance more clearly.
  2. Daily Self Check-In-it only takes a few moments to go within yourself to receive answers. All you need to do is commit to at least 10 minutes per day to getting away from the phone, computer, tv, work or whatever is distracting you to sit and do some self reflection. Check in with yourself daily and often to see how you are feeling. Don’t wait until all your emotions builds up at the end of the day and then explodes out driving home or even worse at your loved ones. Do daily self check-ins, make sure you are ok.
  3. Stop procrastinating– has there been something on your mind or something you’ve wanted to do for awhile that you have been ignoring? Has this feeling or thought not gone away? This is most likely your intuition trying to answer your prayers. Take action on those little nagging feelings or thoughts, they are trying to help you! The more you ignore your intuition, the quieter it becomes. The more you listen and follow the guidance, the stronger intuitive muscle you will build and louder it will become.
  4. Stop caring what others think of you-be the leader of your own life and stop trying to prove your worth to others. You have dreams, goals and gifts that are unique to you and your Spirit only. You are here for a reason and it make not make sense to other people (or yourself at first) but follow those dreams! When you follow your dreams you are in alignment with your Spirit.
  5. Remember what you loved as a child-you were the most connected to your Spirit when you were a child. We tend to lose this connection as we get older. It’s never too late to reconnect to your Spirit and you can do that by doing an activity that brought you joy as a child.
  6. Laugh…more often– I’m sure you’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine. Why? Because it releases happy endorphins that make you feel awesome! When you feel great, happy and alive you are connecting to your Spirit self.
  7. Journal-writing down your thoughts and feelings connects you to your feelings. Our feelings are the gateway to our Spirit self. Even when we are feeling bad or low, we are still feeling. Most of us have been taught to suppress our feelings and live from our logic mind. We tend to not feel comfortable living from our heart. It is through our heart that we understand our desires and feel connected to the world.
  8. Become a lifelong student of life-never stop learning! Our Spirit is here in human form to learn and grow. So whenever you stop yourself from learning or think you know it all, you take away the joy of expanding who you are. Your Spirit loves to experience all it can here on Earth, the more you allow this to happen, the more meaning you will find in life.
  9. Give to others-so simple and true. When you give to others unconditionally without expecting anything in return, you feel like you’ve made a difference in someone else’s life. Do you know that feeling? Yes, it is magical indeed
  10. Remember that only LOVE is real-remember what is really important in your life.  Do not take the love that your family and friends have for you for granted. Embrace and cherish all those you love and that love you. It is through your closest relationships that your Spirit can shine through you. Your Spirit is made of love, so the more you can allow that in your life, the more you will feel connected to your Spirit.

If you follow the above ways to connect to your own Spirit, you will notice and see a whole new world around you.  Your heart will soon begin to swell with the energy of your Spirit and you will feel so much gratitude for your life as the gift it truly is.

To your Spirit,


Rosanna is a spiritual life coach, intuitive guide, and registered clinical hypnotherapist.  For more information on Rosanna, check out her website at


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