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New Years Resolutions


Well it is almost 2013 and the world did not end!  Since that is the case I guess it is once again time for those lengthy lists of resolutions.  Many people say that they don’t like or believe in making new years resolutions but not me…I am actually all for them.  I think that it is a wonderful time to contemplate your past, learn from your mistakes and venture hopefully off into the future.  The reason that many people do not like resolutions is because they say that “They set you up for failure.”  Now that might be true but any time you randomly set a goal for yourself, whatever time of year it might be, you head willingly towards the possibility of failure.  You can talk to life coaches, gurus, planners or anyone else you like and I’m sure that you will find a great action plan that theoretically will help you move towards the success of your goals.  However in my opinion, the point is not simply reaching these magical items on your list one by one, but whether or not we are brave enough to try.

My grandmother was one of the most beautiful, loving and talented people that I know but her only downfall was she was too afraid to try.  By the later part of her life her fears and limiting beliefs paralyzed her so much that she would not even leave her own home.  On the last night of my grandmother’s life I was fortunate enough to be with her and I watched what it meant to have regrets when you die.  I watched what it meant to leave the world with “your music still inside of you.”  I was heartbroken that my grandmother had left us but I was even more pained that she had not taken her lifetime to reach her full potential.  It is not my job or even my right to say what a person should and should not achieve in their lifetime but I do know that for me…I want to try.  I want to go for it and good, bad or ugly and leave it all on the table when I exit this world.  I want to put as much fun, joy and laughter into each one of my remaining days and I want to fight when it is appropriate and forgive or apologize just as easily.

Over the last year I made many mistakes and I am sure I will make even more in the future but once again I choose to make that hopeful list and I would love to share it with you. 

Jacki McLenaghan’s New Years Resolution List

1.  I will strive for Grace and Kindness to myself and others.

2.  I will protect my values.

3.  I will stop people pleasing.

4. I will keep my enthusiasm in the face of failure.

5. I will not let the shortcomings and opinions of others colour the way that I see myself.

6.  (And most importantly) I WILL FOLLOW MY DREAMS even if I don’t always know they are.

Of course I do have other goals that I put on the list ever year like – Cut down on coffee, lose weight, etc. but they seemed too boring and inconsequential to share with you.  The bottom line is that I really do think that there is something so very special about a new year.  It is a time for contemplation, hope and in my mind new beginnings.  And as I once heard “As long as we’re on the right side of the grass we always have another chance to try.”

I invite you to share your new years resolution as well as I would love to hear them. 

To you in the new year…all the best.

Jacki McLenaghan


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