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Is a social media manager right for you?

Social media is a topic that is on the lips of everyone today.  We know that it is a megaphone to broadcast our message to the world.  It has changed the Internet just as much as the Internet has changed us.  It has demolished the old rules of marketing and it has leveraged the playing field between small business and corporation like nothing ever before.  On one hand this is great news but on the flip side we have inadvertently created an environment of competition and noise.  Just for the record…I am very pro social media.  As a small business owner I have seen amazing changes in the size, productivity and financials of my company by using this wonderful yet sometimes complex tool.  But I am very aware of the pitfalls and drawbacks that it also holds.  So the question no longer becomes “should I do social media?” the question now is “how can I do social media well?”   LOOK OUT, HERE THEY COME…the smart, the savvy…the social media expert!  They’ve heard your cry for help and they are coming to the rescue.  Of course I am being fesesious…but the truth of the matter is social media is brand new (within this decade) and only very recently have universities and collages even begun to offer courses on such matters.  The experts out there are people like you and I who have learned some tips, tricks and tools but only through trial and error.  As with all companies, some social media experts are very good and some are ….well…. they know that you are let’s just say…eager for some guidance.  If you are looking for a social media manager you need to have a few things in YOUR toolkit to protect yourself.  The first thing you need to know is that currently there is no standardized fee structure in place for someone to handle your accounts.  I have seen social media managers offer to take care of your tweeting and posting anywhere from 350.00 per month to 2000.00 per month.  The argument here is that “everyone has different needs” and that is true but who is deciding what those needs are?  I am asked all of the time…”how often should I tweet or post” and the answer is – you can’t know the answer to that question until you have spent some time discovering where and when your clients are using social media.  This leads us into the second item that you need to know before hiring a social media manager…you not only need a social media strategy…you also need a formal marketing plan.  A plan is not, how often should I tweet or post, a plan is what is it that I offer in my business, what needs do my clients have and what value will I give people in return for the privilege of their like or follow?  I do not recommend getting a social media manager until you have spent some time making sure that the foundation of your company is secure.  Know your vision and mission…and then re-visit them often.   Your company is fluid, dynamic and changing and you want to reflect that in your offerings.  Once you know your value proposition for being online you can then, if it is a time issue, hire out.  But…know this, having the plan itself is a very great time saver…and there is also great software tools out there that can help you with the time saving challenge.  That leads us into our final point.  Automation is great.  Having someone posting for you is also wonderful…BUT this is a relationship building tool, not an ATM.  You do not want to keep yourself completely out of the conversation.  People are no longer buying what you offer…they are buying YOU.  Be involved.  It is after all YOUR social media plan.  That being said, who am I to be offering you this advice?  Well I am a business owner, entrepreneur and fellow seeker of passion.  I do not own a social media company but rather a personal and professional development seminar company.  I NEED social media to work for me and so do YOU.


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